3rd February 2017 by Craig

Desktop Ideas

As you prep’ your marketing plans for 2017, the big question is how can you be different? Not just different for the sake of it, but different enough to stand out, still remain relevant, hit your target market and grow your business (yes all at the same time).

As suppliers of promotional products, Beeline more than most understand the importance that promotional products play in any successful marketing strategy.  Our biggest task (as well of course as convincing you to use Beeline for your supply of branded merchandise) is how can we demonstrate this.

Well, the answer may be right in front of you as you read this article! Please take a look around you for 10 seconds. How many different items are there within touching distance that have a brand on them and how many of these are office essentials?  All of these could have your brand on them and all could be in within your clients or prospects touching distance.

  • Your Clients Desktop is Your Advertising Space

Sitting at a desk can leave many devoid of inspiration. Most of us do it daily. Think about what an amazing opportunity this actually is for you. Your clients and prospects desktops can (and should) actually be a window to your brand.

Look at your desk right now and list the items that are on there – I would bet there is at least 75% of the following products, click on the links below to find the bestsellers for each category and some very special offers

If they are on your desk – pound to a penny they will be on your clients and prospects desk.

Now look at the branding on them (maybe even some Beeline Items – I hope!!)  Each of these is an opportunity to advertise your brand and put it in front of your client for several hours of each and every day.  Your clients and prospects could be spending all day looking at your brand. Who do you think they are going to call when they need a product or service you offer?  Furthermore, you have even made it easy for them to contact you as your contact details are right there in front of them.

We look forward to hearing from you – call today on 0121 212 1220 or drop us an e-mail sales@beeline-promo.co.uk  so we can discuss how we can help you. We look forward to it.

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