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First Aid Kit Includes 2 Plasters And 3 Alcohol Wipes Comes In A Pvc Case

5 Piece First aid kit in a plastic case; contains two alcohol prep Pad Printeds, one antiseptic cleansing wipe and two bandages.

11 Piece first aid kit in a drawstring pouch. Including five plasters, two alcohol Pad Printeds, one damp cloth, once desinfectant cloth and one bandage

First aid kit supplied in a nylon pouch with a belt clip attachment; contains tweezers, 1 tape, 1 role bandage, 2 adhesive sterile bandages, 1 small alcohol Pad Printed, 1 sting relief medicated Pad Printed, 1 antiseptic swab, and a pair of scissors.

Plastic first aid kit, contains five plasters, two alcohol Pad Printeds, one nonwoven tape, one pair of scissors, and one nonwoven sponge.

Emergency first aid kit including scissors, a wet wipe, a gauze bandage, 3 cotton buds and 5pcs adhesive bandages. All packed in a polyester pouch with carabiner.

Reusable hot and cold compress band.

Emergency first aid kit including 5 pcs adhesive strips and non woven sponge, 2 alcohol prep pads and moist towelette. Presented in a splash water proof plastic box.

Waterproof first aid kit in a plastic case with carry cord, contains two film dressings, five plasters, four alcohol prep-Pad Printeds, two moist wipes, one antiseptic wipe.

First aid kit in tin box. Includes 1 pair of scissors, 1 adhesive tape, 1 set of cleaning wipes, 3 bandages and 3 pins.

10 piece first aid kit. Gauze pad, 2 alcohol pads, soap wipe, wet wipe and 5 plasters in transparent red box with lanyard. EN13485 compliant. Plastic.

First Aid Kit Includes 4 Plasters 2 Alcohol Wipes 2 Antiseptic Wipes 2 Iodine Wipes Gauze Adhesive Tape And 1 Pair Of Scissors Comes In A 70D Pouch

First aid kit. Includes 1 pair of scissors, 3 pad bandages, 1 roll of cotton, 2 cleaning tissues, 5 adhesive bandages, 1 roll of tape and 6 cotton buds.

Sturdy first aid kit containing washproof plasters and swabs. Six bright case colours and many other kit variations available on request.

Emergency first aid kit in a plastic case with 37 accessories (1 x dressing bandage 2" x 3", 10 x cotton buds, 3 x alcohol pads, 10 x adhesive strips, 12 x plasters).

Handy survival kit containing 1 elastic bandage, 12 washproof plasters, 2 burn wound lint pads, 4 wash swabs, 2 dry swabs. Prices include full colour process print to front and rear labels. Pricing is for Mykit First Aid only.

MyKit First Aid kit. This basic first aid kit is a handy thing to have at home or in your car to be prepared for injuries and emergencies. Contents: 12 wash proof plasters, 4 skin cleansing swabs, 2 dry swabs, 1 elastic bandage, 2 burn wound lint pads. All of the first aid and care products within this kit meet all applicable EU regulations. Price includes full colour print. Plastic.

16 Piece first aid kit in a nylon pouch (600D).

19 piece first aid kit. 5 Plasters, 4 alcohol pads, bandage, triangle bandage, 2 safety pins, 5 gauzes and scissors in nylon pouch. EN13485 compliant. 70D nylon.

Plastic first aid kit with 9 essential first aid items.

Handy his or hers hotel survival kit containing razor, shaving cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, Aloe vera cream, shampoo, refreshing wipes and foot gel. Prices include full colour label front and back. 35 more exciting variants available. Prices are for Hotel Mykit only.

15 Piece first-aid kit in a metal tin, consisting of a pair of scissors, damp cloth, tape, 4 alcohol wipes, 5 plasters, 1 bandage and 1 antiseptic wipe.

First aid kit. Includes 1 elastic bandage, 1 adhesive tape, 7 adhesive strips, 2 alcohol prep pad, 3 pins, 2 round adhesive bandages and 20 cotton tips . Presented in 230D pouch with a carabiner.

First Aid Kit Includes 4 Plasters 2 Alcohol Wipes 2 Antiseptic Wipes 2 Iodine Wipes 1 Cleansing Swab Gauze Adhesive Scissors And 2 Pins In Eva Case



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