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Self cling PVC welded disc holder.

Ice scraper and sweeper with handle.

A simple and practical device that checks whether your tyre tread depth is within the legal limit. This item comes complete with a keyring or ball chain fitting. Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

Adhesive PVC welded shield shape tax disc holder with print positions available on inward and outward surfaces.

Car Sunshade Pe Foam Lined With 1 Aluminium Foil Wheel Cover

USB car charger in ABS and aluminium alloy with red light charger indicator. Delivered in silver carton box.

Checks that your tread depth is legal and complete with a keyring fitting. Can be printed on both sides in up to 4 spot colours or digitally.

European license plate holder.

Plastic tyre gauge with split ring keyring so it can be easily attached to your car keys. Simply extend the gauge and place it onto the surface of the tyre to measure the depth of your tyre treads. Gauge measures up to 35 millimetres. A great practical promotional item for tyre companies.

Plastic parking disc with four different languages.

Apex accessories sun visor clip. Holds accessories like sunglasses or pen. The EVA inlayer protects and holds your accessories in place. Clips to the sun visor of your car or a belt. AS plastic.

Plastic car power adapter with one USB port, plugs into the car cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port, with an input of 12-24V, and an output of 5V/800mAh.

Plastic mobile phone holder for in the car, to be attached to the ventilation grill with included clip. The brackets can expand to 8,3cm.

ABS body, input 12V DC, output 5V/1A, compact charger for mobile phone, iPod and satellite navigation systems.

Value car charger with LED light on the front panel which lights up when in use. 700 mAh output.

Door/car window hanger complete with an Organic snack bag. Hanger and bag is printed full colour. Choose from: Jelly bears, trail mix, mint or fruit drops

Universal 12-24v in car USB charger. Suitable for charging smartphones or similar electronics via USB lead.

1000 mAh USB car charger in a range of bright and stylish colours. Suitable for use with most smart phones, iPhones, MP3 players and tablets.

15 car waste bags in dispenser case for the car.

1000 mA USB car charger in a range of bright and stylish colours. Suitable for use with most smart phones, iPhones, MP3 players and tablets.

5-in-1 parking disk. Parking disk with an ice scraper, rubber wiper, trolley coin and tyre tread depth gauge. Disk has a large white logo area on the back. ?Hour Of Arrival? text on disk cover listed in Dutch, English, French, German & Italian. Regulations may vary locally. PS plastic.

In car phone holder which attaches to the air vent and adjusts to hold phone securely.

Roadtrip waste bag dispenser. This handy waste bag dispenser provides you with 12 disposable plastic waste bags. It comes with a back clip so that you can easily clip it to your sun visor or side compartment and will help to keep your car clean especially on long journeys. ABS plastic.

Pop up netting car window shade with full colour print. Supplied with 4 suction cups to attach to window.

Plastic ice scraper with warm protective glove.

Casco car adaptor. Single car plug adaptor. Plug into power outlet to charge your personal devices. Output: 500mA1A. Input: 12V24V. Suitable for cars and trucks. ABS Plastic.

USB car charger in ABS with 2 hubs suitable for smartphones with blue light indicator.

Promotional 3mm neoprene seat belt cover for added comfort while driving. Hook and loop fastening. Made to order in a range of factory standard colours. Screen printed.Size(small) 19.5 x 65cm(large) 23 x 6.5cm Prices below based on small size (Please contact us for prices on other options available).

USB car charger in ABS with 1 USB hub and key ring.

Set of two polyester sun Screen Printeds for your car. With suction cups to attach to the windows (two per Screen Printed).

Aluminium 1000mA USB car charger with USB port. Suitable for phones and tablets.

Car Sunshade Pe Foam Lined With 1 Aluminium Foil For Windshields Includes 2 Suction Cups

Foldable sun car visor in aluminium foil with 2 elastic bands for better storage.

In car charger with two USB ports, suitable for mobile phones and other similar devices.

ABS Car charger with 2 USB ports. Input: 12-24V, output: 1.2A.

Plastic car power adapter with two USB ports, plugs into the car cigarette lighter jack to become a powered USB port, with an input of 12V, and an output of 5V/660mAh.

Usb Car Charger Abs With 2 5V121A Outputs

Handy miniature plastic wastepaper basket, place it in the cup holder of your car or just on your desk.

2100 mA USB car charger with two ports for use with most smart phones, iPhones, MP3 players and tablets. Features two USB ports for multi use.

2100 mA USB car charger with two ports. Suitable for phones or tablets.

1000mA in car USB charger on a handy twist action keyring.

Aluminium steering wheel cover.

Two port in car USB charger suitable for charging mobile phones (port 1A) and tablets (port 2.1A).

Set of 2 car window shades made of polyester. Includes 2 suction cup holders.

Noson car sunshine shade. Car sunshade which easily fits under the front windscreen of a car. EPE foam.



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