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This user-friendly device combines the functions of a flash memory disk, a charger and for data transmission. It can be used to charge your phone or digital products anytime, anywhere. This unique product is a great accessory for work and school, and with unique design of double side USB port. Two different design available, Smart Link 1 is for Apple product.

Retractable webcam and camera cover. Adhesive cover sticks to a flat surface to block the view from a webcam or phone camera. Slides to open or close.

Retractable webcam and camera cover. Adhesive cover sticks to a flat surface to block the view from a webcam or phone camera. Slides to open or close.

Webcam cover and screen cleaner. Clips on to your device to cover the camera and block view. On the flat surface of the clip is a cleaner for wiping your screen.

Push Privacy Camera Blocker. This camera blocker is perfect for protecting your digital life from hackers spying on you and avoiding scratches on the camera. Simply align to your webcam, attach and press firmly for a few seconds for a strong seal. Slide over to block/unblock camera. Does not prevent laptops from closing perfectly. Compatible with most electronic devices with camera. Plastic.

The Neoprene Cup Grip is a perfect add on to any promotional coffee cup, including the Americano. Neoprene is heat resistant, helping you to hold those hot cups with no problem! Printed all the way around as standard Available as a spot colour or full colour print Minimum just 200pcs

Only 1mm thick, 2 parts adhere to screen / camera to provide easy and convenient privacy when using computers, laptops etc. Supplied with self adhesive backing for easy application. Packed in polyprop pack with full colour printed backing card for your own graphics on the front and instructions for use on the back.

Plastic webcam cover with built-in screen cleaner.

Plastic mini desktop dust pan and brush.

Camera Blockers in Case. A clear case containing 3 individual camera blockers designed to protect your mobile devices from webcam hackers. Simply attach and press firmly to the camera lens of your device. The blocker covers your webcams when not in use and slides open when you need to use your webcam. It also locks in place to ensure the cover doesn't slide open. It can be used to cover the front camera of phones, tablets, and most laptops and PCs. ABS Plastic.

White plastic cuboid lens and screen clearner with a black cleaning cloth all in one compact unit.

Promotional virtual reality glasses. Available in eight colours!

A high impact, branded protective cover for your laptop or netbooks. Precise, easy application using a non-permanent adhesive. Bespoke designs available to fit various sizes of Laptops.

Soft shell zipped computer accessory case with two zipped pockets.

Webcam cover with built in joystick. Clips on to your device to cover the camera and block view. Can also be used as a clip-on joystick for playing games on your mobile.

Metal ring that attaches to the back of your mobile phone to act as a stand

The brush reaches in-between & under keys removing lint, crumbs & dirt. The microfiber cleaning pad removes fingerprints, smudges &dust from your LCD electronic devices. Supplied with full colour digital printed sticker to both sides. Origination is £30 if same artwork is used on both sides. If different artworks, orig is £55.

An anti-static glass cleaner suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, kindles and computer screens. Includes microfibre cleaning cloth and 7.5ml cleaning spray in a clear PVC pouch.

Plastic 3-in-1 light up charger keyring. Engraving lights up when plugged in.

Smart cable for smart phones. Three connectors which are suitable for most of smart phones, including charge and transfer data for iPhone, iPad, HTC phones, Samsungs and Blackberry.

3-in-1 magnetic keyring USB cable with type C and reversible 5 pin (Apple) and micro USB (Android).

Virtual reality glasses with adjustable lenses, suitable for most smartphones and iPhones.

You can now have multiple device charging cables all on one cable with this plastic keyring. Includes a USB. 5 pim, type C android and micro USB connectors.

Our Web Cam Covers are a practical and safe way of protecting your privacy. Complete with sliding front section so you can slide open when you want to use your web cam and slide closed for security. Made from super thin durable plastic. Adhesive for easy application to your laptop or computer. Custom printed backing card.



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