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USB Lights use LED bulbs to brightly light up any area you need. It is flexible, so allows you to direct your light.Powered directly from your USB, simply plug in and illuminate.Ideal for use with any computer, laptop, power bank or USB plug.

Plastic miniature desk lamp with one LED of illunimation. The lamp detaches from the base and using the clip the lamp doubles up as a book light. A great promotional giveaways for a lighting company, book store or school library. Batteries included.

Portable 1 LED USB light in PVC.

Mobile phone lamp clip in silicone for atmosphere light.

Safety LED light in ABS with white light and flashing red with clip on the back.

Small COB light with carabineer and magnet on reverse side with 3 light settings. 2 CR2032 included.

Pop up book light. With white LED light. 3 cell batteries included.

Plastic light with 6 powerful COB (chip on board) LED lights on a metal carabiner hook.

Magnet Flashlight. 3 bright white LED torch with 2 modes; standard and steady blinking. On/off power switch on the front, 2piece magnet on the back. Batteries included. PS plastic.

Reminiscent of retro cinema signs. Includes stickers with 75 letters, numbers and characters to create words and sayings. Split metal key ring. Batteries included.

Lumo USB light. USB powered oval shaped foldable USB light. TPU and ABS plastic.

This little USB flexi light simply plugs into a USB port to give you an immediate illumination of 1.2W. The flexible body means that you can bend it in any direction.

Reflective light with a built in slider clip. High visibility with two LED lights. Perfect for us at night and in low lights.

Flexible aluminium and PP LED light powered by USB plug. Plug into any USB port and the 5 lights will illuminate.

With its 7 LED's, this mini-torch is really bright. The body is made from aluminium with a lacquered blue or red section. The black button on the end switches the torch on or off. Fitted with a key ring for your keys you will always have a torch to hand. Packed in a silver box. We will laser engrave your logo onto the torch barrel (please note as this product is aluminium the laser engraving will naturally have a whiter finish).

PVC LED colour changing light in star shape. Mood lights colours: white, blue, purple, red, yellow and green. 3 LR44 batteries included.

PVC LED colour changing light in tree shape. Mood lights colours: white, blue, purple, red, yellow and green. 3 LR44 batteries included.

Surya solar powered LED light. Solar power LED light with hanging loop and clip. On/off power switch at the side. Light sensitive LED remains off during daylight and can be switched on at night time. PET plastic.

Computer light with five LED lights and 25cm metal flexible wire with a USB connector.

Libra carabiner combo light. Combo light with ultra bright COB light on detachable colour panel and 2 white LED's on the bottom. On/off power slide to switch through COB, LED or off. Magnet at the back for hands free usage. Includes batteries. ABS plastic.

Plastic night light with CREE LED light with on/off switch. Batteries included.

Happy Camping Lantern Light. Lightweight and compact camping lantern with 5 white LED lights. On/off power switch allows you to switch between blinking and 2 modes of steady light. The lantern can be hung or used on your table top using the hanging loop or magnet on the base. Ideal for outdoors. 3x AA batteries included. ABS and AS plastic.

Plastic self-righting desk light with weighted base, automatically bounces back. Switches on and off with a touch-function.

Flexible aluminium and PP LED light powered by USB plug. Plug into any USB port and the bulb will illuminate.

Helper illuminator. Single white LED bulb shaped light with pull on/off power switch. Convenient lamp creating light whenever and wherever you want, such as your garage, cupboard or outdoor, camp site. Includes 3x AAA batteries. ABS and PC plastic.

Hanging light with silicone cord. 3 settings light. Not including 3 AAA batteries.

Emerald LED lantern light. Flameless candle LED lantern light for hanging or standing. On/off power switch at the bottom. Batteries included. ABS Plastic.

Emergency COB light including magnet, hanger and stand. 2 light settings. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Camping COB light in ABS. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Wobbling LED desk light with PP cover and metal bottom. Battery included.

Durable water resistant outdoor lantern with super bright COB light technology. Turn on by pulling out the lantern or push back in to turn off. Foldable metal handles provide grip and a way to hang the item. White gift box and 3 x AAA batteries included.

Multifunctional COB light with clip and magnet with 3 lighting modes.

Head light with eight powerful COB (chip on board) LED lights. The straps can be adjusted for a perfect fit around the head. Batteries included.

Camping light in ABS with 1 white LED light and adjustable brightness dial. 3 AA batteries not included.

Plastic work light with COB lighting and PC lens. Batteries included.

Bulb light with on/off-switch 2 hooks and magnet on the bottom. Batteries included.

Plastic foldable desk light with twenty LED lights and an on/off button on the base. Batteries included.

Plastic camping light with LEDs and large knob to adjust the strength of the light. Batteries included.

Touch light battery powered. Easy to install with adhesive pad. Batteries 3 x AAA not included.

5 LED with various light settings: steady, light only on top, revolving, blinking and flashing, on/off switch, with part rubberized transparent housing, magnet and foldable hooks on the bottom. Excluding 3x AAA batteries.

The Cinema light box. Create your own message with this decorative light box. Includes 60 letters and symbols. On/off switch located on the side of the light box. Includes 3x AAA batteries and white gift box. ABS Plastic.

Retractable camping light with 6 LED lights. Batteries included.

A lightweight and comfortable band which easily wraps around your arm ensuring you are seen in the dark. Can be printed on the light band itself. 100+ hours of high visibility.RoHS and CE approved.

Lightweight and bright LED that clips securely and comfortably onto shoes like a spur. Fits up to size 15. Two modes flashing and constant. RoHS and CE approved.

5 LED motion sensor light. Battery powered. Easy to install with adhesive pad. Batteries 3 x AAA not included.

7 colour changing mood light alarm clock with 6 different natural sounds in transparent casing. Functions include temperature (ºC and ºF), calendar, snooze mode and countdown timer. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Light bulb shape desk lamp. One LED. Four AA batteries needed (Not included).

Pika multifunction light. This versatile light has 3 ultra bright LEDs with 4 light modes that ensure optimal light level. It can be used as an arm running light, a head visibility light or a front bike light. The elastic band and cord as well as the spring clip ensures endless attachment possibilities. Manual in EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/NL is added for your convenience. Packed in an Elevate gift box. Batteries included and inserted. Exclusive design. ABS Plastic and Elastic.



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