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**Only available while stock lasts** Silver and coloured plastic torch with 1 LED of illumination. The keyring comes complete with batteries and a split ring to be attached to your keys.

Round plastic keyring torch providing 1 LED of light. Ideal for a child's school locker key or house keys. The keyring comes with batteries and a split ring to be attached to your keys.

Flat plastic single LED keyring torch. Complete with batteries.

Torch key ring, 1 LED with button batteries included.

Practical rectangular key ring with LED light.

Keyring torch, 1 LED, button batteries included.

Practical rectangular key ring with LED light.

Retro key light. Single white LED light controlled by a pushbutton power switch. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. Plastic.

Double ended torch with a flip rotation point encased in transparent plastic, wrist strap and button batteries included.

LED credit card torch.

Small, plastic push button torch and steel key holder. Batteries included.

Promotional torch it also a pen. Blue ink.

Plastic carabineer with LED torch. Batteries included.

Coloured plastic torch keyring providing 3 LED of illumination, activated by an on/off switch. Includes battery, keychain and split ring rady to be attached to your keys.

Single LED torch on a keyring.

Plastic loop keychain with metal recessed disc centre

Special shaped LED torch Made to any shape within 50 mm x 50 mm or 60 mm x 40 mm printed Full colour on one side .

Made from aluminium with a laquer finish and silver accents. Available in shiny anodised or matte with a choice of colours to choose from. With 3 LED's it produces a powerful light for its compact size. Batteries included.

Pen torch with single LED and a carabiner style clip. Button batteries included.

1 LED torch and blue ink pen with lanyard and safety buckle. 3 cell batteries included.

70D Nylon PVC backed Pencil Case come with a Front zip closure.Made to order in a huge range of colours.

ABS key ring with 1 LED light and bottle opener.

3 LED torch keyring with silver body and round, coluored end. Shine a light on your brand by personalising the body of the torch. Button cell batteries included.

Single LED lightbulb shaped torch on a keyring.

Dual purpose gadget, a single LED torch with capped ballpoint pen and clip.

Pen torch with cap. This handy tool is ideal for workmen and doctors. Featuring a bright LED light to one end and a ballpoint pen to the other with a clip to attach a pocket or notebook. Twist the torch end to the left to turn on the blue LED light, and simply twist back to the right to turn it off. Blue ink.

Pen style LED torch with metal clip for carrying in your pocket.

Ostra carabiner key light. Single bright white LED key light with pulling on/off switch in anodised body. Includes batteries and carabiner that is not intended for climbing. ABS plastic.

Silicone book lamp shade clip. Turns your phone into the ideal reading light.

Eagle zipper puller key light. This key light is the shape of a zipper pull and provides blinking or steady coloured LED light with on/off switch. Can be attached to your zip with the small metal carabiner or the back clip. Batteries included. Plastic.

Ocal shaped metallic keyring torch providing 12 LED of light. A great accompaniment to any bunch of keys. The sleek, understated design gives great focus to your brand. It comes complete with batteries and split ring,

Aluminium base torch keyring providing 1 LED of illumination, activated by an on/off button at the bottom of the torch. With a great personalisaton area to carry your message, let your brand light the way.

Metal pocket torch with three LED lights and a metal trigger clip attachment. Batteries included.

High powered compact 1 watt torch with carabiner. The circumference of the beam can be increased and decreased by sliding the top section of the torch up and down. Additional features include 2 light options: on and flashing. Batteries included.

Retro premium key light. UV coated, single white LED light with push button control power switch. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. ABS Plastic.

Flat cartoon style 2 LED torch and a magnetic area on the reverse

Maxx 6 function key light. This multifunctional key light offers you a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, in 2 sizes, combined with a bright LED light. Battery included. Plastic.

Plastic, dynamo self charging torch with two LED lights. Batteries included. Patent: EU Nr. 363627-0002

Magnetic torch with two LED lights. Batteries included.

Small torch in aluminium, 3 white LED light and snap hook key ring. 3 LR44 batteries included.

5 LED metal keyring torch in the shape of a minature torch.

LED pocket torch with a keyring attachment.

Plastic light with 2 LED lights, a hook and magnetic closure. The light is automatically activated when the cap is pulled off the bottom of the light. Batteries included.

Torch key fob with silver trim.

Single LED pocket torch with silicon key ring connector. Batteries included.

LED torch made of ABS with waste bag dispenser, 10 bags and carabiner on side. 3 LR1130 batteries included.

9 white LED torch made of ABS with strap. 3 AAA batteries not included.



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